About Sugarfayce

Cass is a female multimedium artist creating on the unceded territory of Coast Salish, Kwantlen, (Stó:lō), Katzie, and Stz'uminus land. Certified crystal healer and all around general weirdo inspired by nature and the universe. Bringing you ethically sourced gemstones and minerals, unique, one-off and fluid jewlery designs made for everyone.


I started making jewlery with polymer clay in 2016, around the same time I picked up some wire. My jewlery has evolved as I've picked up and dropped mediums along the way. 


My love of crystals started when I was a wee baby. I remember my first stone being a chipped up rose quartz heart (mostly chipped due to me dropping it repeatedly) but I had it with me everywhere until suddenly one day it was not. Crystals and minerals fascinate me not only with the metaphysical energy but with the way they are formed within our glorious earth. Through heat and pressure time and multiple other things our earth creates these wonderful gems and minerals that captivate us in different ways. 


I hand select the crystals I bring in as often as possible by working with local distributors. I believe in supporting your community first and foremost. 


I only source items that are ethically sourced. The gems and minerals come Family owned mines with long generational ties. The bones I bring in are sourced from sellers that support farmers, hunters and even found on road so that every piece of the precious life is used in some way. 


I hope you enjoy my works and the minerals I bring In. Please never hesitate to reach out. I love making crystal dreams come true, I love creating magic that people can love for years to come.